A Complete Wrapping Paper Size Guide

A Complete Wrapping Paper Size Guide

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Wrapping paper roll size is something we often don’t think about. Instead, it’s usually a thought process of… well this looks about the right amount and I’m sure this roll will cover the gifts I need to wrap!

This approach can work, but it also results in a lot of gift-wrapping waste and I want to help eliminate this! In this guide, I explain the importance of measuring, understanding standard wrapping paper size, and how to wrap your gifts effectively.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Size

You may be wondering the point of all this, so let’s look at the benefits of understanding wrapping paper roll size and wrapping your gifts carefully:

  • It saves time and effort re-measuring and re-cutting.
  • There is no wrapping paper waste.
  • You get better value for money from your gift-wrapping rolls and sheets.
  • The end gift wrap looks neater and smarter.

Firstly, you save time and effort! How many times have you got to the end of a wrapping paper roll, only to find that you don’t have enough left to cover that last gift? It’s infuriating and this often means another trip to the store or online order! By understanding wrapping paper sizes you can always make sure you have enough.

This then leads to a reduction in gift wrapping waste and a cost saving for you. By buying the correct amount and knowing the length of rolls, etc. your gift wrapping becomes environmentally friendly and doesn't cost you a fortune in extra orders and wasted sheets or rolls.

Lastly, your gift wrapping will look better! You can get the exact sheet and roll size you need to fit a variety of gifts resulting in tight wrapping, firm creases, and no wonky cuts.

Standard Wrapping Paper Sizes

Luckily, there is a range of standard wrapping paper sizes, even if you want to customize your wrapping paper. The following is a list of standard width and length sizes for sheets and rolls:


  • 18” (45.72cm)
  • 20” (50.80cm)
  • 24” (60.96cm)
  • 30” (76.20cm)
  • 36” (91.44cm)


  • 29” (73.5cm) sheet.
  • 33” (84.00cm) sheet.
  • 60” (150cm) resale roll.
  • 118” (300cm) resale roll.
  • 196” (500cm) resale roll.
  • 100ft cutter box rolls.
  • 417ft half reams.
  • 833ft full reams.

Widths are quite common and our preferred size is 20” as this gives plenty of coverage and is a great working size for most gift types.

The length varies widely depending on whether it’s a sheet or a roll, and whether it’s for resale or B2B. B2B reams are much longer and thicker and usually start at a minimum length of 417ft but these are not meant for the end customer.

Instead, customers can usually buy individual sheets around A2, or A3 size, and rolls ranging from 60” in length to 196” inches and longer. Individual sheets are perfect for multiple small gifts, or a single larger gift such as a smartphone, sunglasses, or even a scented candle.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Gift

You now have a brilliant idea of the standard wrapping paper size for rolls and sheets. How can you take this knowledge and make your gift wrapping perfect? I have listed a few considerations below.

Measuring Your Gift

Measure and measure again! Before you buy any gift wrap, measure the gifts first! This allows you to know exactly what you are working with and how much paper you need. Remember to allow for overlap so that the paper joins properly, and that you need enough paper to cover all sides of the gift!

Matching Size to Occasion

Depending on the occasion, you may be able to get away with less-than-perfect gift wrapping or oversized wrapping. For example, I always make sure gifts to my mother are wrapped to perfection as I know she appreciates it! In contrast, my brother really doesn’t care so I could go so far as to wrap his gifts in a plastic bag!

Wrapping Oddly Shaped Gifts

Wrapping oddly shaped gifts can be incredibly difficult and this is one of the areas where you can waste wrapping paper. I always allow for a little bit more so that I have room to play with and can allow for the extra sides, curves, and strange angles. In this instance, more is always less and you can hide any excess either by over-wrapping, or cutting once you have the gift secure inside.

Never Waste Your Wrapping Paper Again!

In today’s world we are increasingly conscious about our waste, recycling, and minimizing our environmental impact and hopefully, this guide on standard wrapping paper size has helped!

Instead of throwing away mounds of leftover wrapping paper, you can now use your knowledge of wrapping paper roll size, wrapping methods, and thickness to your advantage. Your gifts will be impeccably wrapped, and there will be no more waste!


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