Different Types of Gift Wrapping Paper: A Complete Overview

Different Types of Gift Wrapping Paper: A Complete Overview

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Gifts are considered one of the best ways to express love and appreciation. And what makes this gesture more exciting and meaningful is its presentation. Beautiful packaging enhances the element of surprise and makes them go on cloud nine. People start anticipating and wondering what could be there inside this box. It increases the happiness of the sender and receiver. For instance, you see a pile of poorly wrapped gifts and the ones which are wrapped in an attractive gift paper, which will tempt you more. Of course, the second one. Wrapping is fun and easy work; you only have to pick some good-quality wrapping paper.

In this blog, you will get an overview of different types of gift paper and a few specific wrapping sheet designs to help you find the best wrapping paper for packing.

For Different Occasions

Various types of gift papers are designed for different occasions, like for regular events; go for a polka dot pattern that will work with anything. There are some cute and alluring wrapping papers, especially for kids, and novelty-type color schemes for holidays and festivals. You choose a simple and contrasting color palette for wrapping gifts to colleagues or formal acquaintances.

Different Types of Textures

  1. Foil: This is a unique combination of paper and backgrounds with certain metallic elements, which is long-lasting and has a glossy finish.
  2. Cellophane: A thin plastic film with a design printed on it or just with a single solid color suitable for packing baskets and trays. They are waterproof and easy to pack.
  3. Metallic: If you like a shining and sparkly design, use metallic textured gift paper. It increases the overall value of the gift and provides tear resistance. 
  4. Kraft: It has a homemade and rusty texture that imparts homely vibes and is also eco-friendly. It is specially designed with high tear resistance.
  5. Paper: This is the most popular and classy gift paper; it comes in quirky and fun prints or with floral designs, which are easy to pack and add a touch of elegance.

 A few handpicked printed wrapping paper designs are given below to help you in deciding your favorite one:

  • Pumpkin Themed Paper
Pumpkin Themed Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

This premium-quality wrapping sheet has black and orange pumpkins printed on 70 GSM uncoated paper with a matte finish, making it a perfect halloween wrapping paper. These sheets are beautifully designed on durable paper to wrap high-volume gifts and make your gifts look astonishing and full of charm. You can use it as a gift shop owner to attract new customers or a large family member.

  • Birthday Tiger Print Paper
Birthday Tiger Print Gift Wrapping Paper

Printed gift paper is among the most popular birthday wrapping paper because of its vibrant and eye-catching design. This 70 GSM printed wrapping sheet has a majestic and cute tiger with a birthday cap print suitable for birthdays or any kind of celebration. You can also use it to decorate your wall or tabletop or as a lining inside the gift box. It is made of high-quality material that won’t tear easily and cause wrinkles.
      The printed barnyard wrapping paper is an excellent choice for packing gifts for kids or animal lovers. These wrapping papers are printed over the premium quality uncoated paper with cute farm animals over it, making it suitable for birthdays and holidays. It also has a half-inch white border to allow some space while packaging. Wrap your thoughtful gifts with this endearing wrapping paper and surprise your loved ones.

      • Be Happy Wrapping Paper

        Be Happy Wrapping Paper

        Make your dear one's birthdays or special days even more special by wrapping your gift with this adorable wrapping paper with cute bears and the sweet message “Be Happy” printed on it. It is made of sturdy and durable materials, keeping your presents all wrapped securely. The cute prints have a charm that will bring happiness to anyone, and they will be thrilled to open them. It also comes in sufficient size to pack shirt boxes.

        Final Thoughts

        This is the complete overview of different types of wrapping papers suitable for different occasions. Now, it's time to pick your favorite one and elevate the impact of your gifts. Also, do check out HappyWrap shop for more lovable gift tags, greeting cards, and beautifully designed gift papers.

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