How to Make Christmas Bows for Presents

How to Make Christmas Bows for Presents

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When it comes to gift wrapping, mastering your skill with wrapping paper is just one part of the process! What about decorations such as bows? To add that extra layer of depth and to give your gifts the wow factor, learning how to make Christmas bows for presents is a game-changer and this is what I will teach you in the below guide.

Necessary Supplies for Bow-Making

Before we get cracking you need to gather your supplies! You need a fully-wrapped gift and there aren’t any special things you have to do to prepare your gift for a bow. Next, you need the following supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • String
  • Double-sided tape

The ribbon comes down to personal preference but ideally, it should be a double-sided ribbon (i.e. it is colored and has a pattern on both sides).

Some people like to use wire ribbon as this holds its shape better, but products like burlap ribbon look fantastic too if you want your gifts to have a rustic feel. Think about the color combinations too. Ideally, you want a ribbon that contrasts nicely with the gift wrap.

For example, if you used black Christmas wrapping paper, a silver or gold ribbon would look fantastic whereas a blue ribbon might not work as well.

Step-by-Step Bow-Making Guide

In this guide on how to make Christmas bows for presents, I am going to teach you how to make the classic gift bow. You will immediately recognize it as it has two loops, a central knot, and two tassels hanging down.

Step 1 - Cut your ribbon

Take your roll of ribbon and cut a length of approximately 18 inches. This length is appropriate for medium to large-sized gifts but you may want to cut the length shorter for smaller gifts otherwise the ribbon could look ridiculous when stuck onto the wrapping paper.

Step 2 - Make two loops with the length of the ribbon

With your length of ribbon, you must create two evenly-spaced loops. To do this, take the ribbon in both hands and pinch a section with each hand equidistant from the center. You should then have two loops with tassels dangling beneath them.

The best way I can describe this is that you want to create an M shape where the loops are the two points of the M.

Step 3 - Pass and pull the loops

a person making a Christmas bow for a present

Next, while still holding the loops, pass the right loop over the left loop diagonally. You should see the knot beginning to form and you now have to pull the right loop underneath and through the center of the ribbon.

By doing this you should have the basic shape of the bow but it probably looks a little lob-sided or uneven!

Step 4 - Tighten and adjust the loops

You can now adjust both the left and right loops so that they are equal in shape. Make sure that the tassels are equal too, and tighten the central knot by pulling the individual loops and tassels. Fluff the loops out to pronounce the bow shape.

Step 5 - Add decorations and trim the tassels

I like to add a festive touch by looping some type of decoration through the knot of the bow. Ideas include Christmas Tree baubles, sprigs of holly, or small craft bells.

To add these, you have to cut a small length of string and thread it through the central knot of the bow. Next, thread your festive decoration through the string and tie the string in a secure knot. You can then rotate the string so that the knot is hidden underneath the knot of the bow!

Step 6 - Secure your bow to the wrapping paper

Your bow should now be complete and it hopefully looks incredible! Now comes the easy part - sticking the bow to your wrapping paper!

You can either use double-sided sticky tape or create double-sided tape by looping a piece of tape. Stick the tape on the bow, and stick the bow on the wrapping paper - simple!

In terms of placement, I like to stick my bows in the corner of a gift to give it that off-center look. However, many people prefer to place their bows in the center of the gift which looks fantastic too.

Make sure you handle the gift carefully when transporting it as the bows can get crumpled and even fall off if the sticky tape fails.

Make Your Christmas Gifts Stand Out With Bow Accessories

Using seasonal wrapping paper works a treat but why not take your gift wrapping one step further this year and learn how to make Christmas bows for presents? A bow completes a gift and adds that extra little finesse and style and if you use the above guide and tips, you will be a master of the art in no time!

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