How to Store Wrapping Paper Like a Pro

How to Store Wrapping Paper Like a Pro

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You’ve got a busy month ahead with several family birthdays and anniversaries so it’s present-wrapping time! However, you spend ages scouring your house trying to find the rolls and when you do, you notice they are all creased and torn - disaster! If only there were a way to prevent this…

…Indeed there is, and in this article, I explain how to store wrapping paper to reduce your potential hassle and stress. We will learn why proper storage is important, and 6 epic ways to keep your gift essentials protected and easy to find!

Importance of Properly Storing Wrapping Paper

You may think this is overkill and there is no need to store wrapping paper properly, but I can honestly say this has made such a difference for me! I could never find my paper and always kept running out so having a storage solution was a game changer and the main benefits include:

  • Organization: Having a dedicated area for your wrapping paper is great for the organization - you can separate the paper by occasion for example and it just helps you wrap gifts and favors quicker.
  • Protection: While the premium wrapping paper we provide is durable it can still get creased and torn so having a safe storage area helps protect it so that your wrapped presents look perfect.
  • Ease of use: I used to have my personalized wrapping paper stuffed behind a cabinet and it was difficult to access and gathered dust! This just made extra work, so a storage solution made my gift wrapping quicker and more enjoyable.
  • Stock checking: How many times have you wanted to wrap a present only to find you have no paper left? Proper storage allows you to easily keep a stock check and make sure you have enough.

6 Ways to Store Wrapping Paper

As you can see, spending a little time creating a dedicated storage area/unit for your wrapping paper really helps and can make gift wrapping so much easier. But what is the best way to store wrapping paper and what solutions exist? I have listed six fantastic options below including a few fun DIY projects!

Behind the Door Storage

A simple solution is to buy a unit that hooks over the top of your door to hang behind it. These are usually made of metal and have two hooks connecting to a mesh frame with a storage box at the bottom. You can easily place wrapping paper rolls upright in these and it is a great space-saving option.

Gift Wrap Station

If you want to go all out then create a dedicated gift-wrap station if you have a spare room or crafts desk. The station could include small buckets or containers for your scissors and tape and rollers to hang your wrapping paper sheets over. This keeps all your gift-wrapping essentials together instead of randomly spread around your house!

Laundry Hampers

If you just want to keep your wrapping paper in one area why not buy a couple of small laundry hampers? These are great for storing wrapping paper rolls upright but depending on the size you can also lie sheets flat.

Under-Bed Storage

If you have drawers under your bed they can be ideal for storing wrapping paper sheets as the draws are typically longer and wider. This allows you to lie the sheets flat so they don’t get creased. You could also buy plastic storage containers to slide under your bed if you do not have built-in drawers.

Command Hook Brackets

Command Hooks are simple hooks with adhesive backings and these can be used to create a simple sheet or roll holder. You stick two hooks on your wall far enough apart so a sheet of wrapping paper can fit in between. Onto the hooks, you slot a wooden dowel and you can either slide a roll or sheet of wrapping paper over this and you have a space-saving storage solution!

DIY Paper Holder

If you want to be creative and work on your DIY skills you could make a DIY paper holder. The premise is similar to the command hooks. You need a series of wooden dowels to hang your sheets or rolls on/over and these need to be connected to rectangular pieces of wood at each end. You can paint it and spruce it up and either stand the holder on a desk or screw it to your wall.

Stay Organized and Protect Your Personalized Wrapping Paper

I hope these incredible solutions have given you ideas on how to store wrapping paper; some can turn into a fun craft project too! By creating a dedicated storage area, you keep your wrapping paper organized and easily accessible for those special occasions, but also protect it so that your presents look immaculate when finished!

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