Gift Wrapping Paper and Tags to Enhance Your Gift-Giving Experience

How to Use Gift Wrapping Paper and Tags to Enhance Your Gift-Giving Experience

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Ta-da! Here is your Gift! 

Gift! For what? Apart from pondering over the occasion, the thought of what’s inside must have popped into your mind. Right? 

Sorry to disappoint you, but you have neither won the lottery, nor it's your birthday (we are totally assuming). But what we are sure of is that there is something around the corner worth celebrating. And you want to make it remembered by marking your presence with a lovely gift. 

We simply wanted you to experience the curiosity you usually feel while indulging in resolving the mystery inside the box. Like the famous character Sherlock Holmes, you do your best to unravel what’s inside using your keen observation. 

Observation One- the Shape of the packaging
Observation Two- the Size of the packaging
Observation Three- the Wrapping paper
Observation Four- the Tag on the gift   

And voila, you’re halfway through the revelation till you finally open and find out what’s inside! Don’t you want your loved ones to feel the same curiosity flux you just felt?

Sure you do. Though you can’t do much with the shape or size of the gift, you surely can do something with the later ones (wrapping paper and tags) to elate the joyous unboxing moment. Read further to learn how to use gift-wrapping paper and tags to enhance your gift-giving experience. Let’s start with selecting the right gift wrapping paper. 

  1. The Theme
    First and foremost, you need to think of the occasion on which you are trying to bring a smile to your beloved's face. The theme of your gift wrapping paper should match the event. Let’s take an example of a baby shower to help you through the process.
    If you want to extend your warm wishes to your best friend at her baby shower through a gift, the wrapping paper should have cute little details related to the baby. What little detail! Read further.
  • The Color Palette
    Pastel Color Gift Wrapping Paper
    The colors are all beautiful. What’s more interesting about the color is that different colors invoke different emotions. When we think of a baby, what comes as a first reaction is a  sound- awwww!! It is usually interpreted as the feeling of love stimulated by the babies' cute looks, miniature size, and toothless smiles. So adorable! And what best symbolizes the warm fuzzy feeling is the delicate and soft pastel color wrapping paper. The color scheme could be complementing or tetradic with softer tones of colors that look soothing to the eyes and not so stinging.
  • The Element of DecorationLove Gift TagsWhat more should you look for on the gift wrapping paper? The cuteness. And how exactly would it look cute? 

    Through the little decoratives, figures printed on it. From flowers to toys and everything in between would work. All it needs to do is to look cute as a button. A cute wrapping paper with simple yet elegant designs goes perfectly for any occasion related to babies.  

    Now that you have the right gift wrapping paper, It's time to go a little extra mile and make it more personalized. 

    2. The Message
    The gift Item, the box, the thoughtfully selected cute wrapping paper, and everything else come later; what comes before all that is the Tag. Reading the tags is the first thing your dearests would rush for. Cute tags, embracing lovely colors scheme and patterns when get inked with your heartfelt warm wishes, escalate the dearness of your emotion-filled gifts. On top of it, tags add elegance to the overall appearance of your gift. 

    Nothing can express your feeling as explicitly as words. So, go all poetic or not. But leave feeling unexpressed. Get matching tags for your beloved friend and family and enjoy witnessing the myriad of emotions on their faces.

    Expressing Your Gratitude Doesn’t Need Occasions 
    Who said you need occasions to make your dear ones happy? 

    Nobody! So why wait to express your gratitude towards them? Whether the feeling of thankfulness or love, say it all with the thoughtfully selected gift wrapped in exquisite gift wrapping paper, ribbons, and tags with a cute message. 

    Rush to the Happy Wrap Shop, an exclusive personalized wrapping paper shop, and buy the most suited wrapping papers and tags for your gifts. These aren’t just decorative pieces; these are your emotions in beautiful colors and designs. Gift your loved ones an experience that they will cherish all their lives.

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