How to Wrap a Wine Bottle [Step-by-Step Guide]

How to Wrap a Wine Bottle [Step-by-Step Guide]

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It’s an unavoidable fact that some gifts are simply more difficult to wrap than others. I can handle a lovely rectangular or square box, but when it comes to something like a wine bottle or spirit bottle, everything goes to pot!

It doesn’t have to be this way though, and in this article, I provide a simple step-by-step guide to wrapping wine bottles. The keys are to get your wrapping paper size right, use a rolling method, and know how to effectively wrap the top and bottom of the bottle.

Wrapping a Wine Bottle - A Step-by-Step Guide

While this step-by-step guide primarily deals with wrapping wine bottles it applies to any type of cylindrical gift or drinks bottle such as spirits, champagne, and liquors.

Step 1 - Gather your equipment and clear a working space

Preparation for any crafts task like this is key and I always make sure I have a clear working area. There is nothing worse than trying to roll out wrapping paper on a table full of clutter. Therefore, first, make sure you have cleared a sufficient working space. Next, gather your equipment including:

  • Wrapping paper.
  • Scissors.
  • A pen or pencil.
  • Tape.

Don’t forget to match your wrapping paper with the theme either. For example, you can find some amazing Christmas-themed wrapping paper for the festive holidays!

Step 2 - Measure and cut your wrapping paper

Take your wrapping paper and place the wine bottle on the left-hand side with an appropriate amount of excess paper at the top and bottom. Next, take the wrapping paper and hold it to the bottle, and then roll it until all the sides are covered.

With a little overlap, you should then make a mark on the paper using your pen or pencil at the end of the overlap and this denotes where you should cut it. For the top and the bottom, make sure you leave enough excess paper so that it can be folded to cover the top and bottom of the bottle.

Step 3 - Roll the wrapping paper around the wine bottle's body

With the paper measured and cut, it’s time to wrap the body of the wine bottle and this is the easiest part. Place the bottle on the left-hand side of the wrapping paper with an equal amount of excess paper at the top and bottom.

Next, hold the wrapping paper to the side of the bottle and roll them together so that the entire surface is covered. Providing you have measured it right, the paper should roll all the way around and a little more for the overlap.

You can then secure the paper in place using a line of tape.

a person wrapping a Christmas gift

Step 4 - Pleat the bottom of the wine bottle

The bottom of the wine bottle is easy to wrap as it has a nice flat surface. I like using a pleating technique here (like pleats in a skirt) as it looks great and covers the bottom of the bottle completely.

Start with one section of the excess wrapping paper and fold it over toward the middle of the bottle base. You then have to repeat this folding process in a clockwise direction, always folding into the center of the bottle.

You should eventually create a type of hexagonal or octagonal pleat that progresses around the bottle base. Once this is complete, use a piece of tape to secure the center of the pleat.

Step 5 - Scrunch and tie the top of the wine bottle

The top section is the most difficult when wrapping a wine bottle. Some people attempt to pleat the top also but this doesn’t really work and can look untidy.

Instead, I advise using a simple scrunch method. All you have to do is cup the wrapping paper around the top of the neck of the bottle and scrunch it together. This should bring the paper together on all sides of the bottle in a taper.

You can then tie a ribbon around the thinnest part of the scrunched paper and stick a bow over the knot of the ribbon to hide it. This creates a pleasing effect and looks more stylish than type to do a fold-over pleat.

Step 6 - Add a gift tag and any extra decorations

Your wine bottle should now be completely wrapped and it hopefully looks incredible! But you aren’t quite done and now is the time to add some finishing touches. A gift tag is essential as this makes identifying who the gift is for and from easy. You can simply stick this to the side of the wine bottle using double-sided tape, or the adhesive pad on the gift tag.

Depending on personal preference, you may then want to add additional decorations like ribbon, glitter, and bows.

Wrapping a Wine Bottle Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

I hope you have found this guide on wrapping wine bottles useful and you can now tackle your gift wrapping with renewed vigor and confidence!

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