How to Wrap Large Gifts: Techniques and Tips for Bulky Items

How to Wrap Large Gifts: Techniques and Tips for Bulky Items

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Gift-giving is an art form, especially for large, bulky items that can't be neatly tucked into a traditional gift box. Whether wrapping a giant stuffed animal, a bicycle, or an oversized artwork, presenting a significant gift with grace and beauty requires creativity, patience, and the proper techniques. This comprehensive guide will explore the best methods for wrapping large gifts, ensuring your presentation is as spectacular as the gift itself.

Understanding the Basics of Gift Wrapping Large Items

When wrapping large items, having all the necessary materials on hand is crucial before you start. For bigger gifts, standard rolls of wrapping paper might not be sufficient. Instead, opt for large sheets of wrapping paper to provide more coverage and strength. Companies like Happy Wrap provide robust Patterned Wrapping Sheets in various appealing designs for any special event.

Essential Materials:

  • Large sheets of wrapping paper
  • Heavy-duty tape
  • Wide ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Decorative items such as bows and tags

Choosing the Right Paper

Selecting the appropriate paper is crucial. Thin paper may tear easily under the weight and shape of bulky items. Opting for a thicker, high-quality paper that can endure some handling and manipulation without ripping is advisable. Patterned papers are beneficial as they add a visual appeal and can help conceal any necessary patchwork when a single roll isn’t sufficient to cover the item. Explore a variety of patterns and strengths ideal for bulky items at Happy Wrap's Patterned Wrapping Paper collection

The Importance of Tape

When wrapping more significant, heavier gifts, the regular tape might not suffice. For a more solid and secure hold, use heavy-duty packing tape. Clear tape is preferable as it maintains the aesthetics of the wrap, keeping it neat.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wrapping Bulky Items

Now that your materials are prepared let’s move into the detailed process of wrapping a significant gift.

Measure and Cut the Paper:

  1. Place the wrapping paper on a flat, spacious surface. Set the item on the paper and ensure that it is enough to cover it entirely. Cut the paper, allowing for a slight overlap when wrapped around the gift.

Wrap the Main Part:

  1. Lift the paper around the most significant part of the item, securing it with tape. For irregularly shaped items, like a bicycle, start by covering the most critical part first and then adjust the paper to cover smaller parts.

Secure the Ends:

  1. For items with a rectangular or boxed shape, fold the ends as you would a standard gift. Ensure that the folds are neat and secure them with tape. Gather the paper at the most natural gathering point for irregular shapes and secure it with a ribbon, creating a pleated effect.

Add Double-Sided Tape for a Cleaner Look:

  1. To avoid visible tape lines, use double-sided tape inside the wrapping paper.

Creative Finishing Touches for Large Gifts

Once the gift is wrapped, it's time to add those unique finishing touches that elevate the presentation.

  • Add a Bow: A large, fluffy bow can significantly enhance the visual impact of your gift. Choose a ribbon that matches or complements the wrapping paper and tie a grand bow. Many tutorials are available online for tying the perfect bow, or you could opt for a pre-made bow for convenience.
  • Personalize with Tags and Decorations: Adding a personalized tag with a heartfelt message or the recipient's name can make the gift feel more special. Consider crafting a custom tag that matches the wrapping paper for a cohesive look.
  • Include a Card: Affixing a card to the outside of the package with a personal message adds an intimate touch, especially when the gift is significant and impersonally shaped.
  • Consider the Unwrapping Experience: Consider how the recipient unwraps their gift. For instance, with a bicycle, you might wrap parts separately, like the frame and wheels, allowing the recipient to assemble the visual parts as they unwrap.

Final Touches

Attention to detail is critical for achieving a professional appearance when wrapping large gifts. Ensuring that all seams and tape are neatly aligned and hidden is essential for the gift's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. High-quality wrapping materials, like those in the Photo-Ready Collection from Happy Wrap, which offers durable and visually appealing papers, can significantly enhance the final presentation. Additionally, proper tools, such as precision cutting tools and efficient tape dispensers from Little Elf Products: How to Wrap a Large Box, can simplify the wrapping process and improve the overall outcome. Investing in these quality supplies and tools helps create a beautifully wrapped gift that looks professional and thoughtful. Find more exquisite and durable options in the Photo-Ready Collection from Happy Wrap


Wrapping large gifts doesn't need to be a daunting task. You can beautifully package almost anything with suitable materials, creativity, and patience. By following these tips and exploring the suggested products, your large gifts will be as exciting to wrap as they are to give. Remember, the presentation can significantly impact the overall gift-giving experience, so take your time and enjoy the process of crafting something truly unique and special.


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