New Years and Other Holidays in January

New Years and Other Holidays in January

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Did you know there are HUNDREDS of holidays in January other than New Year's Day?! 

We thought it would be fun to highlight some of the other holidays and create some wrapping paper to go along with it! 

First off, if you think there's a holiday for something, you're probably right. Check out National Today and you'll find ALL the holidays.  

National Spaghetti Day - Jan 4th 

This is one thing we know our kids will eat and that we know we'll hate on laundry day! Plus, this reminds me of Lady and the Tramp. 

Snuggle a Chicken Day - Jan 8th 

Ok my animal loving friends. Whether you love to raise them or eat them chickens have their own day. I know some people that snuggle KFC before they eat it, but I'd rather snuggle a real baby chick

Check out our Chicken Wrapping Paper


National Pizza Week - Jan 8-14

As if you needed a reason to order Pizza.... 

Get Pizza Wrapping Paper Here

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day- Jan 9

If you have a police officer as a friend or family member, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9 is the perfect time to show officers we understand how difficult their job is. So it’s important to show officers how much we understand their difficult work and appreciate their sacrifice and risk.

Police Office Wrapping Paper 

National Pharmacist Day - Jan 12

I worked at a pharmacy for a bit an one of our best friends is a pharmacist. So, we've got to love them! If you have someone in your life that's a pharmacist, this wrapping paper would be perfect! 

Elementary School Teacher's Day - Jan 16

Thank heavens for school teachers! I love my kids, but we all need a break, and school is an amazing way to get the time you need. If you are a school teacher, you have our appreciation! This wrap is for you! 

Gourmet Coffee Day - Jan 18th

While all kinds of coffee are what dreams are made of, gourmet coffee is something exceptional. The quality and consistency of gourmet coffee are distinct from your regular cup of Joe and the secret lies in its beans and creation.

Coffee Paper here

Winnie the Pooh Day - Jan 18th 

Winnie the Pooh will turn 100 in 2026... what a legend. You know we have gift wrap for that too. I just wish someone could teach that bear how to spell Honey...

Popcorn Day - Jan 19th 

Buttered popcorn and movies.... mmmm watch me eat too much during that 3 hour Avatar The Way of Water movie and be sick afterwards 

Cheese Lover's Day - Jan 20th 

It's rumored cheese is over 7,000 years old and over 1,800 types of cheese. There is only ONE Cheese Paper for you though... 

National Beer Can Appreciation Day - Jan 24th 

How do you like your beer? Bottled, Canned or on tap? 

Wrapping Paper for Beer Lovers! 

Thomas Crapper Day - Jan 27th

Many think Thomas created the crapper, but he only perfected it and thank goodness he did! This is the best invention we all take for granted. Get your Toilet Paper Wrapping Paper here




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