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What are the Different Types of Gift Wrapping Paper?

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If you want to make your gifts stand out and put extra thought and effort into the wrapping process, you need to look at the different types of wrapping paper. Instead of using the same plain role of paper year after year, why not get creative and use something else?

There are hundreds of different wrapping paper designs, but there is also a great range of types of wrapping paper where the texture, material, and color change. To give you some inspiration, I have listed 10 types of wrapping paper below - enjoy!

Seasonal or Holiday Paper

christmas wrapping paper

Seasonal wrapping paper is some of my favorite and it essentially contains motifs or colors associated with a particular season. Christmas wrapping paper, for example, may use red and green colors, or feature different Christmas-inspired patterns and designs like trees, baubles, Santas, and candy canes. Other varieties include Halloween, Easter, spring, winter, and the new year.

Custom or Personalized Paper

Personalized wrapping paper is making a huge surge and becoming immensely popular. The principle is simple - you take a standard sheet or roll of wrapping paper and add some personalization to it to make it unique. This could be a grid of your photos, a business logo, or customized text for example.

Solid Color Paper

I do like a simple sheet or roll of solid color paper - you can’t go wrong with it and you know what you are getting! This is possibly the most common type of wrapping paper and the range of colors available is mind-boggling. I like accessorizing my solid color wrapping paper with bows or string to complement and break up the color. This useful color wheel can help you pick out color pairs for your ribbon and solid color paper!

Patterned Paper

While solid-color paper is popular, patterned paper is widely used too. It’s difficult to categorize this type of paper as there are virtually an unlimited number of designs! You can get simple patterns like strips and squares, to complex patterns featuring flowers, animals, cartoon characters, and more. I like choosing patterns or objects that match the personality of the person I’m wrapping the gift for!

Metallic Paper

If you want to create a little sparkle or wow factor then look no further than metallic paper. This paper typically has a reflective metallic surface that catches the light and shows different hues depending on how light hits it. Metallic paper is usually a solid color and the hues are often vibrant with bright golds, deep reds, or magnificent blues for example.

Foil Paper

Foil paper is similar to metallic paper and it usually has a crinkly feel but exudes a superb shine and shimmer. It can catch the light in some fantastic ways and make for eye-catching gifts. You can typically get foil wrapping paper in a range of bold solid colors, but there are also patterned designs available.

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper (not craft paper!) is an eco-friendly type of wrapping paper that is made from chemical pulp produced during the kraft process. Krafting is essentially the pulping of wood and it is used to create a range of products including wrapping paper. If you are environmentally conscious, this is a superb option and you can get it in a simple brown color, or different hues but not usually patterned sheets.

Recycled Paper

There are many different types of recycled wrapping paper too and this is something that is being used and promoted to help reduce environmental damage. The paper is usually made from recycled material which is the first selling point, but it can often be recycled too so it offers a double benefit!

Handmade or Artisan Paper

Some wrapping paper simply stands out from generic rolls and it has a handmade or artisan quality. These sheets often feature unique designs and amazing patterns or gorgeous color combinations. Sometimes, the designs are created using different techniques like dying to give the paper a more authentic look.

Children’s or Character Paper

Finding wrapping paper for children can be tricky but you can get special children’s wrapping paper that uses popular characters or children’s themes for the design. For example, many children’s wrapping paper features TV and movie characters like Star Wars, Peppa Pig, Lego, and Harry Potter. You can also get children’s wrapping paper that features their age number.

Wow Your Loved Ones With Stylish Wrapping Paper

As you can see, there is an incredible range of wrapping paper available and you can really let your creative side shine with different styles, textures, colors, and patterns. Instead of using the same dull wrapping paper, why not take a walk on the wild side, explore the different types available, and see how amazing you can make your gifts look?

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