17 Simple and Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

17 Simple and Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

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The time has come, you’ve already struggled long and hard to get your friends and family Christmas gifts. You must now turn your attention to your coworkers and this always proves to be difficult! What on earth do you buy them? Well, fret no more as below I bring you 17 inexpensive gift ideas for coworkers for the festive season!

Holiday Ornaments

There is a virtually limitless array of holiday ornaments and you can easily pick one up for cheap too. These make for excellent Christmas gifts for coworkers and you can typically get one that matches their personality or interests. They could decorate their desk with the ornament or take it home to add to their holiday decorations.

Festive Coffee Mug

Christmas and winter are times for enjoying hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, so why not buy your coworkers a festive coffee mug? There are some incredible themed Christmas mugs. Some have simple patterns and decorations, while my favorites are the molded mugs that look like a Christmas item like a reindeer’s head, a tree, or a snowman!

Personalized Christmas Wrapping Paper

If you know that your coworkers are struggling with their gift wrapping, why not get them some personalized Christmas wrapping paper? There are some incredible designs available that stand out from your typical store-bought Christmas paper and the quality is usually far superior. You never know, they may even use it to wrap your gift in!

Holiday Scented Candles

I adore the amazing festive scents of holiday candles and they can really get you in the festive spirit. Some of my favorite scents include pine trees, cranberry, winter berries, cinnamon, and Christmas cookies. These are relatively easy to find and you can either buy single candles or gift sets with multiple scents in.

Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are possibly THE most iconic joke holiday gift! I am NEVER disappointed when I unwrap a pair of gaudy over-the-top Christmas socks. Indeed, I often wear them outside of the holiday season much to everyone else's disgust! These are some of the best Christmas gifts for coworkers and will always be well-received.

Christmas Desk Decor

The holiday season at work is a time for fun and laughter and a great way to make your workplace look the part is to buy your coworkers Christmas desk decor! There are so many variations on desk decorations from fairy lights and tinsel to ornaments and holiday-themed mouse pads!

Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Wouldn’t your coworker love to settle into a comfortable chair on a cold night and relax with a glorious mug of hot chocolate? This is a simple but effective Christmas gift and you can get some fantastic hot chocolate gift sets that usually include a festive mug and a range of high-quality hot chocolate, and maybe a few marshmallows too!

Gingerbread House Kit

I have tried to make a gingerbread house before using a kit and it was so much fun! The end results weren’t great, but the house at least had good structural integrity! Gingerbread house kits are brilliant gifts, especially if your coworkers have children.

Christmas Movie Night Blanket

During the holidays we often relax and watch traditional Christmas movies like Home Alone and Elf, so why not buy your coworker a snuggly Christmas blanket they can wrap up in while watching the TV?

Holiday Baking Kit

Holiday baking kits come in various styles and recipes and you can make anything from cookies and muffins to gingerbread men and cupcakes. This is a fun Christmas gift for coworkers, especially those who enjoy baking.

Christmas Puzzle

If you know that your coworker enjoys doing puzzles like jigsaws, why not get them a Christmas-themed puzzle? They will genuinely appreciate the thought and will get satisfaction out of completing the puzzle too.

Christmas Carol Karaoke Microphone

Who doesn’t love singing along to a traditional Christmas Carol like Frosty the Snowman, Silent Night, or Away in a Manger? Sure, your coworkers might not be able to sing, but a Christmas carol karaoke mic can bring endless fun and laughter.

Holiday Plant

There is a range of plants that are associated with the holidays including Amaryllis, Cyclamen, Rosemary, Holly, and Mistletoe. These make for cute Christmas gifts for coworkers and they could keep the potted plant on their desk!

Personalized Christmas Stocking

I have a personalized Christmas stocking from when I was a baby and although it’s seen better days it still has great sentimental value! You could get your coworkers a personalized stocking with their name on it, and if you're feeling generous buy some sweets and chocolate to fill it with!

Christmas-Themed Notebook

Nice and simple - a Christmas-themed notebook. This is a themed gift, but also practical and your coworker can use it in the office! A notebook could be a fun gift too if the coworker in question is particularly forgetful or has a habit of not taking notes!

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

I love how there are so many baking-themed gift ideas at Christmas! Why not get your coworker a cookie-cutter set? There are some brilliant Christmas cookie cutters with traditional shapes like trees, stars, angels, and holly branches.

Christmas Tree Decoration

What could be better than getting an amazing tree decoration? There are hundreds of different designs and styles available from simple baubles to stars and cartoon characters. This could be the perfect gift idea and you could even consider getting your coworkers personalized tree decorations.

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