12 Cute Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

12 Cute Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

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With everyone buying the same gifts for baby showers, how can you make your present unique? Something that the parents will remember and appreciate?

A simple way to do this is to make customized gift wrapping. By this, I mean you could use unique baby shower wrapping paper but also package that inside something else - something different. For example, you could create a gift clothesline or a baby shower basket.

Still unsure? Check out the 12 baby gifts wrapping ideas below so you can give the new parents a truly memorable and unique baby shower experience.

Baby Onesie Wrapping

The Japanese have a technique called Furoshiki where they wrap gifts in cloth so why not take this one step further and wrap your baby shower gifts in a baby onesie? This will look super cute and has the added bonus of being both functional wrapping and an additional gift, what’s not to love?

Baby Shower Basket

Oftentimes baby shower gifts are small and can get easily lost so why not keep everything together with a beautifully presented baby shower basket? You can use a traditional wicker basket and decorate it with ribbon, glitter, or even paper cutouts of baby-inspired items like bottles, pacifiers, and diapers.

The Stork Delivery

The stork is an animal traditionally associated with newborns and we have all heard the stories of how it’s meant to deliver babies so why not incorporate this fun tale into your baby shower gift wrapping? There are plenty of stork plushies and soft toys that you could position so that they are holding the gifts in their mouth or under their wings, for example.

Gift Clothesline

If you have a series of small gifts, why not create a gift clothesline to hang them from? All you need is a length of thick string, some drawing pins, and clothes pegs. The string can be hung in a convenient place using the drawing pins, and you can then hang your gifts from it using the clothes pegs.

Baby Clothes Cupcakes

Baby clothes are especially tiny and this is what makes them so cute. Why not get creative with these clothes and mold them into a clothing cupcake? You will need some paper cupcake holders and then it’s a case of folding and arranging the small clothes inside the holders into a cupcake shape!

Garland Gift Wrap

Another great way to adorn your baby shower wrapping paper is to create a series of paper garlands. All you need is a little string and some colored paper. Draw and cut out a range of triangles on the colored paper and stick them to the string with glue (or thread the string through). You can then wrap these garlands around your gift for additional decoration!

Baby Booties Pouch

Who doesn’t love a pair of baby booties? They look incredibly cute and are even more special if they have been hand-knitted. These items are small and don’t always look great in their standard packaging, so why not take them out and get a personalized baby bootie drawstring pouch? The parents can use this for storage too.

Diaper Cake

I must admit I’d never heard of a diaper cake but the idea is amazing and is one of the most unique ways to wrap baby shower gifts. Basically, you take a huge supply of diapers and arrange them into the shape of a tiered cake - like a wedding cake. You can then wrap this in plastic or even unique baby shower wrapping paper. It looks impressive and is practical too!

Baby Blanket Gift Wrapping

Similar to the baby onesie gift-wrapping idea, you could use virtually any type of baby clothing! Anything with arms or legs can easily be tied, and even if it’s something like a blanket, you can still tie it easily with ribbon. Blankets can be used effectively for wrapping larger gifts and the parents get the added bonus of being able to use the blanket too.

Baby Block Packaging

Alphabet and number blocks are ideal baby toys, but why not turn them into cute ways to wrap baby shower gifts? If you have a series of smaller gifts, you could create several baby blocks from colored cards and fasten them around the gift. The parents will think the blocks are the gift, but then they can open them and be amazed at the gifts inside!

Teddy Bear Balloon

Balloons and teddy bears are common gifts at baby showers so why not combine these two cute things together and make a unique gift? The premise is simple - buy a balloon that is attached to a ribbon and wrap this ribbon around the teddy bear’s hand! This creates the illusion that the bear is holding the balloon and makes for a great baby shower centerpiece.

Pinwheel Wrapping Toppers

Babies love playing with pinwheels and they have an adorable fascination with the colors and spinning motion so why not add these to your gift wrapping? For example, you could use unique baby shower wrapping paper and add ribbons to this. You can then attach various colored pinwheels to the cross-section where the ribbon meets.

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