How to Tape Glitter Wrapping Paper?

How to Tape Glitter Wrapping Paper?

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So, you’ve just purchased your customer wrapping paper rolls and they look superb with their glittery design and colors. However, you start to wrap your gifts and hit a snag… the sellotape doesn’t stick to the glitter! What to do?

Although glitter wrapping paper looks impressive, it can be tricky to work with and you may indeed find that glitter wrapping paper tape won’t stick. Don’t worry - it doesn’t mean the paper is unusable; you simply have to approach your gift wrapping differently. To help, I have created a simple guide on how to tape glitter wrapping paper for your benefit.

Why Glitter Wrapping Paper is Special

Glitter wrapping paper is different from standard custom wrapping paper rolls as it has a layer of glitter sprinkles stuck to it. This decorative top layer is attached to the paper and although it makes for stunning wrapping paper, it can present potential problems.

The main issue is that oftentimes tape simply won’t stick to the glittered top surface. As a result, wrapping presents using glitter paper can be a chore. It may stick initially, but five minutes later you may go back to your gifts and notice that the seams have broken apart and the tape has come loose!

What to do if Glitter Wrapping Paper Won’t Stick?

Because of the problems, you may think it’s pointless even trying to use glitter paper. However, while tape often doesn’t stick, there are a variety of solutions you can use instead:

  • Double-sided tape
  • Glue dots
  • Ribbon
  • String

Double-sided tape is an excellent option as you can simply attach it to the underside of the paper where there is no glitter. You have to be careful, however, as some double-sided tape can be too strong and could potentially damage the gift you attach it to underneath.

Glue dots using a prit stick works too but this is situational and you wouldn’t use it to wrap something like clothing as the glue could leave a stain on the gift.

Lastly, ribbon and string are invaluable and have the dual purpose of being decorative, and securing your glitter wrapping paper too.

How to Wrap With Glitter Wrapping Paper in 4 Steps

Step 1 - Cut the wrapping paper to size

The first step as always is to cut the wrapping paper to size - for more information on this, we have created a handy guide on how much wrapping paper to use. The principle is simple and you use a rolling method to make sure you have enough glitter paper to cover all four sides of the gift.

When working with glitter paper, make sure you handle it carefully as rough movements can disturb the glitter and make a mess at your workstation!

Step 2 - Position the gift and fold the paper

With a suitable piece of wrapping paper cut, place your gift in the center of the sheet (with the glitter-side face down on your table). Fold two sides over and bring them into the center of the gift to create the overlap (hopefully you have cut the sheet large enough for an overlap!).

With the two sides folded, you could rub the creases on the sides of the gift so that the paper stays in place easier.

Step 3 - Use double-sided tape to stick the joints

Once you have the sheets in place, take a length of double-sided tape and stick it on top of one of the sheets. Use a small piece to start just to secure the paper in place - once the tape is stuck to one piece, bring the overlapping section down and stick it to the top side of the tape.

Double-sided tape typically sticks much better than sellotape and is more durable. With one piece of tape secured, you can then repeat this process down the length of the fold. You then have to fold the opposite sides in and use tape to secure them too.

Step 4 - Add ribbon or string to reinforce the seams

If the seams feel a little flimsy, ribbon or string can be used to tighten them. Simply wrap ribbon or string around the gift - one loop horizontally, and one vertically. Make sure it is pulled tight and then either stick the ribbon down with double-sided tape or make a bow.

Don’t Let Glitter Wrapping Paper Defeat You!

Glitter wrapping paper looks fantastic but I get that the issues with stickiness will put people off. It can be challenging to work with so I hope this guide on how to tape glitter wrapping paper helps. The key is to utilize the underside of the wrapping paper that doesn’t have glitter on and reinforce the joints with ribbon to make sure everything is wrapped tightly.

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