12 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Boy

12 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Boy

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What gifts do you get for newborns? It’s tempting to buy some toys or clothes, but you can guarantee that the family will be swamped with these items from other people! It’s time to think outside the box and look at other unique gift ideas for baby showers and newborns.

If you are struggling to think of something unique and exciting that goes against the grain, I have scoured the web and created a list of 12 unique baby shower gift ideas for boys - enjoy!

1. Baby Boy Onesies

mom holding a baby boy in a onesie

If you had one image of a newborn baby, I can guarantee that they would be wearing a onesie! These little garments are practical and comfortable, and allow the parents to make quick diaper changes too. Perhaps buy a onesie set with a few different sizes and colors?

2. Baby Boy Crib Bedding Set

a baby crib with a plush bear on it

New parents can never have enough crib bedding sets as they will continually need washing! So why not buy an adorable baby boy crib bedding set to help them out? These are simple but effective baby shower gifts for boy newborns.

3. Baby Boy Hooded Towels

a baby hooded towel on a hanger

The hooded towel is an essential post-bath time accessory and it’s amazing at keeping the newborn dry, comfortable, and swaddled. The hood adds that extra layer of protection and warmth, and there are some fun designs too that mimic animals or dinosaurs for boys.

4. Baby Boy Socks and Booties

baby socks

I love an adorable sock and bootie combination and this is a tried and tested gift. I find the hand-knitted booties look incredible and they are extremely soft and comfortable for the baby to wear. A nice set of socks too will help keep those pudgy little toes neat and warm!

5. Baby Boy Swaddle Blankets

baby swaddle blanket

Swaddling helps newborns feel safe and comfortable and they love the constricted feeling. To that end, why not buy a cute swaddle blanket? There are some fantastic dedicated swaddle blankets that allow the newborn to be easily wrapped up like a burrito and have extra padding and soft linings to keep the baby extra snug.

6. Baby Boy Pacifier Clips

baby boy pacifier clip

Pacifier clips are possibly the greatest invention for babies! How many times do newborns spit their pacifier out or throw it across the room and it gets lost? A pacifier clip eliminates this problem. One end attaches through the pacifier loop, while the other has a clip that you fasten to their bib or clothing to keep it secure!

7. Baby Boy Stuffed Animals

a stuffed dinosaur

What baby doesn’t love a stuffed animal? This is a timeless classic and it has so many uses - the baby gets to interact with the toy and start to develop their imagination and ability to play, but it’s also comfortable and warm to snuggle to keep the baby feeling secure.

8. Baby Boy Bath Toys

a duck bath toy in a bath

Bathtime is an essential part of a newborn's development so why not help make their bathtime fun and enjoyable with some baby boy bath toys? There are literally hundreds of different styles and designs from rubber ducks and sealife squirters, to rubber rings and toy boats. These toys help make bathtime an enjoyable experience for the baby and develop their senses and awareness.

9. Baby Boy Milestone Cards

milestone card boy

The concept of milestone cards is superb and they can make for great photo opportunities to turn into a baby photo album. As they are often rectangular they are easy to wrap in baby shower wrapping paper too. Milestone cards typically come in a set and have different events on them such as first steps, first smile, 1-month-old, and 2-month-old, etc.

10. Baby Boy Dinosaur

a dinosaur toy

I loved playing with toy dinosaurs when I was a kid and had lots of dinosaur books too! It’s strange how these ferocious creatures make for amazing baby gifts but they do and children still go wild for them! Why not get a dinosaur toy, plushie, or book for the baby shower? A soft dinosaur toy is the best option as it’s safe to play with but can still rouse their imagination.

11. Baby Boy Musical Mobile

a musical mobile with cars and stars

Mobiles are perfect sensory gifts that can help with a newborn’s sleep too. They hang above the baby’s cot and you can get them in various themes and styles. I like the mobiles that feature cute farmyard animals like cows and chickens but there are some incredible designs and most play music or sound effects too.

12. Baby Boy Personalized Wall Art

elephant-themed 3-piece wall art for a baby boy

If the parents have a separate room for their newborn where the cot is kept, why not get some adorable personalized wall art? This could include the baby’s name or have a specific theme such as rainbows, superheroes, or animals. The wall art is usually easy to apply and it can look fantastic next to a cot or against block-colored walls.


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