14 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Twins

14 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Twins

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If you know someone who has been blessed with twins then you will surely want to find them an epic baby shower gift that both babies can benefit from. I understand that it’s tricky finding special, memorable, and useful gifts for twins - you want to get them something exciting, or practical that the parents can use too.

If you are struggling for inspiration, struggle no more! Below, I have compiled an amazing list of 14 unique baby shower gift ideas for twins!

1. Twin Onesies

I love the different twin onesies available as there are some really funny and catchy phrases on them that pay homage to twins. Simple designs like “born together, friends forever”, and “were not regular twins, were like super cool twins” are fun, and catchy, but the onesies themselves are also comfortable and practical for newborns.

2. Twin Milestone Blankets

Milestone blankets are a fun and practical baby shower gift and the premise is simple. The blanket typically has a set of numbers from 1 to 12, and a range of words such as weeks, months, days, and years. It then includes accessories like rings and pointers so you can highlight the milestone for the twins and make a memorable photo opportunity!

3. Double Stroller

While most baby shower gift ideas for twins are cute and adorable, they can be practical too! Why not make it easier for the parents when they are taking their newborns to the park or for a walk and buy them a double stroller? Double strollers mean the parent can still push their babies easily without trying to use two items or get the help of a second person.

4. Twin Nursing Pillow

It can’t be the easiest task trying to nurse a single baby, so it must be virtually impossible with a pair of twins! Something as simple as a twin nursing pillow can help immensely. These specially designed items have dual pillows to put the newborns on so the mother can position them easily to start nursing.

5. Twin Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is an effective accessory so parents can keep all their diaper essentials together so why not get them a larger one suitable for twins? They will appreciate the functionality of a baby shower gift like this and they are great for outings or to keep around the house to keep changing time organized and a quick process.

6. Twin Baby Carriers

Sometimes parents prefer to carry their newborns as opposed to pushing a stroller so something like a twin baby carrier could be a fantastic baby shower gift. These are available in various designs including ones where both babies are carried on your front, or one of the front and one on the back! They are also designed to reduce the strain on the parent's back.

7. Twin Swaddle Blankets

What is more adorable than having both twins wrapped up like burritos in matching twin swaddle blankets? This makes for the perfect baby shower gift and I like that you can get either matching designs, or similar designs with different colors for the twins.

8. Twin Baby Monitors

A baby monitor set is one of the more practical baby shower gifts for twins but they can help make the parent's job that much easier. Having a set of monitors and a display screen that they can watch while the twins are sleeping helps with their safety, but also gives the parent peace of mind too.

9. Twin Baby Bath Set

I can’t imagine the epic chaos of trying to bath two twins at the same time so anything that can help keep them entertained will be appreciated by the parents. So why not get a bath set with squirters and bath toys that the twins can interact and have fun with?

10. Personalized Baby Blankets

Identical twins (or even nonidentical) are often difficult to tell apart at birth so why not make things easier and give them a personalized gift? A personalized baby blanket could be ideal for each twin and it could have something simple like their name on it! To makes things even more special you could use unique wrapping paper for baby shower gifts.

11. Pacifier Clips

The last thing parents want to deal with when trying to sort their twins is missing pacifiers! I can’t believe how easily these things go missing! Therefore, one of the best baby shower gift ideas for twins is pacifier clips. These simple but ingenious inventions loop through the pacifier and can then be clipped to the twin’s bibs or clothing to stay secure.

12. Twin-themed Picture Frame

It’s important to give twins equal attention so why not get a fun twin-themed picture frame so the parents can put adorable photos of them inside? Some twin picture frames have two separate sections - one for a picture of each baby. Others might have decorations and words relating to twins around the frame.

13. Twin Baby Books

Reading to children at an early age helps develop their imagination, sensory skills, and interactivity so why not get a pair of baby books for the twins? There are personalized books too where you can have the baby's name added to the title or make them the central character in the book which is a really special idea!

14. Nursery Decor

With a pair of adorable twins, the parents probably have a nursery set up with two cribs, and this space can benefit from decoration! There is a range of different decoration options available like murals, stickers, or even personalized wallpaper. My friend, for example, has their baby's nursery decorated with Marvel wallpaper!


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