What to Get Your Mom For Christmas

What to Get Your Mom For Christmas

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Christmas is rolling around quickly and before we know it the holiday season will be upon us, so now is the time to get prepared and think about your Christmas gifts. Finding the perfect gift can be tricky because you want to find something either useful, memorable, sentimental, or fun.

Funnily enough, this tricky decision is compounded when trying to find a gift for your parents - surely buying a gift for someone you’ve known your whole life should be easy?! But this isn’t always the case; moms in particular can be difficult to buy gifts for and in this guide I present some simple Christmas gifts for moms that could make your decision easier!

Is There Anything Your Mom Needs?

I always start by thinking if there is anything my mom needs. Drudge your memory and think of the conversations you’ve had. Has she mentioned anything that she needs? Maybe a new item of clothing, something for the garden, or some perfume for example? If nothing springs to mind, we must move on to the next step!

Personalized vs. General Gifts

I like to start my gift-buying escapade by thinking about the personalized vs. general argument. I find this helps narrow my choices.

Personalized gifts have more meaning and appeal directly to your mom. They often have greater sentimental meaning and you can customize them to suit your mom’s personality and interests. However, these gifts are often more expensive and can take longer to organize.

General gifts are great if you are struggling for time and need something quick. There is still thought involved, but you don’t have to worry about writing messages or customizing the items - you just buy the stock product off the shelf.
Experience Gifts

Sites like Great American Days and Virgin Incentives have a magnificent range of “experience gifts”. These are events, day trips, or experiences that your mom can participate in and examples include:

  • Hot air balloon rides
  • White water rafting
  • Race track days
  • Flying lessons
  • Cooking classes
  • Cultural tours
  • Spa days
  • Photo shoots

If you think about what your mom likes to do, or if she has always wanted to do something adventurous, you can easily find an experience gift to suit.

Obviously, this depends on your mom’s personality because I know my mom would love a cultural tour, but definitely wouldn’t want to drive a rally car!

DIY Gift Options

a person gift wrapping an iPhoneMaybe your mom is a hands-on person and she loves to make things or is creative. If so, there are some brilliant DIY kits spanning different genres such as cooking, and arts and crafts.

These are particularly great for retired moms who might be looking for a hobby or something to do during downtime. Examples include:

  • Arts and crafts gifts
  • Sewing or cross-stitch kits
  • Card-making kits
  • Baking and cooking kits

Fashion and Beauty Gift Ideas

For women, the fashion and beauty genre of gifts gives so many possibilities - it’s a gold mine! Think about your mom’s tastes, fashion sense, and her appearance and you can easily find some suitable fashion and beauty gifts including:

  • Perfume
  • Makeup
  • Hair styling products
  • Toiletry sets
  • New clothes

Perfume is a brilliant option as it’s practical, and fun, and your mom will get plenty of use out of it. If your mum loves to dress up and takes great pride in her appearance, gifts like makeup, hair styling products, and new outfits always go down a treat too.

Tech and Gadgets for the Tech-Savvy Mom

Perhaps your mom is a tech wizard (mine isn’t bless her!) and would love a new gadget that she can try out and play with. Think of your mom’s hobbies and interests and you could find a tech gadget to suit.

Maybe she loves cooking and would benefit from a blender or electric whisk. Perhaps she's a gamer and would enjoy playing on a retro gaming console? The possibilities are endless and there are so many tech gadgets that make fun and useful Christmas gifts.

Planning and Presentation

Don’t forget the planning and presentation and this is where you need your wrapping essentials and items like pink Christmas wrapping paper. I think gift wrapping is just as important as the present itself and I know that my mom appreciates a superbly wrapped gift.

Make sure that you have quality Christmas wrapping paper, know the best wrapping techniques, and have the right equipment including scissors, tape, and gift tags.

Get Your Mom the Perfect Christmas Gift This Year

With this list of tips and ideas for Christmas gifts for moms, your brain should be buzzing with possibilities. The most important thing I want you to remember though, is to have fun and not stress too much about the process! Whatever gift you get, your mom will appreciate it and the thought and effort you put in!

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