11 Unique Bridal Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

11 Unique Bridal Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Bridal showers are a time for fun and celebration - a time when friends and family lavish the bride-to-be with gifts and just have a good time! A central part of this epic pre-wedding occasion is the presentation and arrangement of the gifts so that the would-be bride can enter the shower and be amazed.

But how can you do that and make a statement? A simple way is to dabble with unique bridal shower gift wrapping ideas. Sure, the gifts can be amazing, but why not go the extra mile and wrap/present them differently too? If this sounds like fun, I have created a list of 11 bridal shower gift wrapping ideas below from floral decorations and gift baskets, to gift cakes and collages!

Bridal Shower Gift Basket

One of the simplest bridal shower gift wrapping ideas is to create a gift basket! The starting point is to buy a wicker basket large enough to fit your gifts in. Next, perhaps consider decorating it with wedding-themed accessories like flowers, ribbons, and lace. This creates a beautiful centerpiece for the bridal shower and fits nicely with the wedding theme.

Purse or Handbag Gift Wrap

If your bride is into fashion and loves to accessorize then why not make her gift wrapping functional and stylish too? All you have to do is buy a handbag or purse that you know they will use and place your gifts inside! Perfect - the bride not only gets a thoughtful gift, but a new accessory to use too!

Floral Decorations

What wedding is complete without an array of gorgeous flowers? Flowers often form centerpieces at wedding venues or as decorative pieces on the tables at the after party. One of the most creative bridal shower gift wrapping ideas is to adorn your gifts with flowers - cover them completely so as to hide the gift wrapping underneath!


We all know the saying "tying the knot" and this has long been associated with marriage. It originates from the Roman tradition of tying each other’s hands with a Hercules Knot or the process of handfasting. You can incorporate this marital tradition into your gift wrapping and accessorize your gift with a looped ribbon or rope in the same manner.

Vintage Lace Wrap

Wedding dresses typically have lace parts and can have a vintage style so why not recreate this style with your gift wrapping? You can accessorize your gifts with cuttings of lace or even lace doilies (yes people still use those!) and pair these with vintage-style gift wrap to add a little class and sophistication to the bridal shower.

Incorporate The Wedding Invite

If you are involved in the bridal shower, then I hope you have been invited to the wedding too! If so, you most likely have a wedding invite or a “save the date” card. Either way, why not incorporate this into your bridal shower gift wrapping? You could do something simple like using the wedding invite as the gift tag, or even scanning it and using it in custom wrapping paper.

Use Something From the Groom

While the bride-to-be is the center of attention on this special day, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the groom into the gift wrapping too! If you have a close relationship with the groom you could ask for something of his such as clothing to use as gift wrap! It will be fun to see if the bride recognizes it or not!

Use a Wedding Dress Theme

Hopefully, the bride has a gorgeous wedding dress that she intends to wear on the special day. If possible, try and get a snippet of the same dress material to use as wrapping paper. Alternatively, you can make cutouts and decorations with a wedding dress theme.

Personalized Wrapping Paper

Personalized wrapping paper is an excellent way to make your gifts stand out and to make the bride the center of attention at her bridal shower. We have a range of customized paper available where you can add photos, text, and images that pay homage to the bride.

Create a Wedding Collage

If you want to add a personal touch then why not gather a collection of photos from the bride’s friends and family to create a wedding collage? This could be photos of her and the groom, family photos, and memorable moments from the couple’s engagement period. You can then turn this into custom wrapping paper for the bridal shower gifts.

Gift Cake

What’s one of the main features of a wedding? The cake! So, why not create your own cake using your bridal shower gifts? The premise is simple - package three or four gifts in rectangular boxes of different sizes, wrap these in matching paper, and arrange them like a tiered wedding cake - perfect!

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